Expat life is full of new routines, challenges and regular excitement, and as such, conducive to blogging. I have been keeping a journal for a while but only recently the involuntary confinement allowed me to bring some order to my writing. Enough order to be able to share. And what better way to share than through blogging.

In my blog entries you will find my thoughts and experiences relating to international teaching, expat life, cooking, parenting, notable books, current events or anything else that might be on my mind.

I am looking forward to making contact with people all around the world who are inspired by similar things I am inspired by. Feel free to leave a comment, post a question or simply make contact.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.



I began my international teaching career in 2008, in Hungary. I always imagined myself going into adult education or perhaps high school or college teaching. The universe had a different plan. I was called in to substitute teach for a first grade English as a Second Language class at American International School of Budapest and realized very quickly that my passion lied in interacting with small humans. Since then I taught grades K through 3 in Uganda, Kenya and most recently, in Congo-Brazzaville. Over my professional career I met incredible educators, passionate about making a difference in every child’s life who inspired me to become who I am today.

EXPAT life

When my children were small and still living with us, we moved seven times in 15 years. Each time we started from scratch. We followed a familiar routine – setting up house, learning where and how to purchase necessities, discovering a new school/work and making new friends. Our quick settling in process was entirely psychological – we knew we had to proceed fast because soon, we would be gone. I grew in my parenting skills, communication techniques, relationship building, professional practice and emotional maturity during those years. My expat life made me who I am today.

Book Picks

Life moves fast and before you know it, a month goes by and you have not finished that great book that you started weeks ago. At the beginning of 2020 I decided to change that and put myself on a clear schedule for both, professional development and pleasure reading. Book clubs are great – I have been part of some very memorable ones. But it is also good to reflect on what you read and sort through it in your own mind, at our own time. Discussing books sparks conversations and helps me see other view points. As part of my blog, I will occasionally post my review of a book I read and found interesting.